Avatar PPP (Parts Pricing Program)

Avatar PPP is an easy to learn, cost effective solution which has been designed for salvage yards to price parts faster and more on target according to your pricing rules. Avatar PPP was developed in coordination with business owners and users who understand the importance of consistency, accuracy, and time savings.

Features and Benefits
Arrows Stay on Target with Your Prices
Your own pricing rules are the driving logic for local, consistent, and accurate targeted pricing
Arrows Free up Employee Time
Reduce the pricing process to a couple clicks of a button
Arrows Easily Identify Aging Inventory
Based on your filters, narrow your result set and re-price your inventory wholesale, or one by one.
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Vehicle Web Imaging

Vehicle Web Imaging has been designed to provide every user with a fast and efficient vehicle inventory lookup.

Features and Benefits
Arrows Advanced Search
Allow users to Search with Advanced Filtering Technology
Arrows Images Sell
Allow users to see your Vehicle Images on the web
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